Saturday, 4 January 2014

Reflection on 2013

As I write this year's reflection, I re-read my 2012 reflection to see if there's a big difference compared to the year before. I can't exactly put a finger to it and say that I have achieved something different but 2013 is a year of counting my blessings, giving thanks and appreciation in more ways than one to me. I am not one who does new year resolutions mainly because I never seems to be able to check it off at the end of the year (one of them being to learn how to cycle and I STILL can't cycle), can't exactly say that I am someone who doesn't plan ahead but I guess I like to take whatever life throws at me and look forward and make it work. Does it make sense? Anyway, here's a summary:
  • At the beginning of the year, we were busy with renovation and moving house which was painful during the process but satisfying after. Seeing your hard work and your ideal design coming to fruition is very rewarding.
  • I ended my 10 years in a Marketing role and moved on to a sales role in May in the same company, a big decision for someone who studied Marketing, loved Marketing and breathed Marketing. I loved what I was doing which was why I was in Marketing for a decade. I always tell people that you have to love Marketing to be in it because the work never stops and there are always new challenges. Back to the new role, I have been learning so much and am thankful for the opportunity to be in a sales managerial role without sales experience. The affirmation I have received from the team such as "you are the kind of boss people want to work for", "you are very successful as a Manager", "You are a very nice boss.. I'm blessed I have you.", "I've worked with quite a few Managers,...I can appreciate a good one when I meet one..." makes me feel appreciated for going that extra mile and that's when I count my blessings and be thankful that I am appreciated for the work I have been doing. Because I think everyone can work hard but not everyone gets appreciated.
  • I went back to books again. It was a company -sponsored postgraduate degree and we graduated with a convocation ceremony in UK. I was never a paper chaser and never thought I will attend another convocation after I graduated more than 10 years ago. I felt a little old standing next to the young 20somethings in the hall.
  • Mom's health took a turn for the worst. It was supposed to be a regular visit to the Doc early this year but it turned out the Doc was breaking a piece of news I never wanted to know, well not alone with my mom. What's worse was when I had to put up a strong front in front of my mom because I felt it's best she doesn't know but later on I was inconsolable for a few days. Mom's getting weaker by the day and she started telling us where her things are and it sets me thinking what happens when you are not around anymore and your loved ones start discovering the things you used to keep, how does that feel like.. And the thought that mom won't be around for my nephew's convocation or wedding just like how my grandmas did makes me even sadder. Anyway the siblings and I agree that life has to go on, making my mom feels as happy and comfortable as possible is the best we can do. 
  • This brings me to the first family holiday we had in a long time to Batam. Memories that we can keep close to our hearts...
  • We also fulfilled mom's wish to visit Taiwan and the sis and I brought my parents there for 6 days. I also caught up with a primary school friend who lives there, someone I knew when I was time flies!
  • I haven't travelled with the hub this year as we agreed that we should be saving up after spending our savings on the house and renovation. He surprised me by asking me to go with him on his work trip to Japan and that's my first trip back after 7 years. I went around Tokyo on my own and visited places I didn't the last time I was there such as the Tsukiji Market - had one of the most amazing sushis ever - the explosion of flavours - I can still remember that wonderful experience I had! It was also very therapeutic and very relaxing to be sitting in the train in Tokyo listening to my music and travelling to visit places. Sometimes you just need that alone time to do nothing and enjoy the scenery around you.
That pretty sums up my 2013. My only wish for 2014 is good health for everyone around me especially my mom. Have an awesome 2014 filled with love, joy and surprises and remember to take time off to just rest and do nothing!


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