Saturday, 5 April 2014

Banana Raisin Cake

I have finally worked up the new oven and baked a banana raisin cake. My new oven has been sitting in the kitchen for more than 1 year since I moved. Since I haven't baked in a long time, 2 years at least and with a new oven, I decided to try a tested recipe and baked a banana raisin cake. Here's the recipe if anyone's keen. The recipe doesn't call for raisins but it's my personal favourite so I added it in. You can add walnuts too if you like. The cake has been very well received and most said it's moist and full of banana flavour.

Hopefully this is the start of more cakes to come and getting my baking mojo back!

Recently I have embarked on a #eatclean programme. I took a 3-day juice detox/cleansing programme and have never felt better! This is my 8th day without caffeine and never feel the need to take coffee. I used to need to take my cuppa in the morning before I can start the day but now I feel energised everyday. 

This was my brekkie the weekend before I started my juice cleansing programme. I started eating clean days before I embarked on the programme and now I am still eating clean after the programme.

Have a good weekend!


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