Sunday, 12 February 2012

The first month came and went...

My last post was still about celebrating the year of the dragon but it wasn't how my CNY went. This year CNY came and went without much celebrations perhaps only on the first few days. My paternal grandma passed away on the 5th day of CNY. She was born in China in the early 1920s, exact year was not confirmed though her death certificate says 1919 but she has always told us that she was born in the year of the chicken which is not 1919. Anyway that doesn't really matter. She passed away at 90ish years old which is considered by many as having a good life, having seen close to a century of happenings. I remember she used to tell us about her experience at WWII and how she had to hide from Japanese soldiers at a young age of 20s.

The blessing is she did not die in pain, she was peacefully taken away while asleep at the hospital. She suffered from an advanced stage of a form of skin cancer of the scalp. On the first day of CNY, all the relatives, young and old, will visit her and I thank God for allowing her to say goodbye, though in a semi dementia state, to everyone before taking her away on the 5th day. RIP grandma.

That's how the first month of 2012 came and gone. Oh well, on a happier note, we celebrated Valentine's Day earlier this year, not exactly much earlier but on a weekend rather than squeezing with everyone on the actual day. The hub surprised me on a Saturday morning by telling me he has booked a couple spa for us both, followed by dinner at our favourite Japanese buffet restaurant. He had wanted to drive me to the spa instead of telling me before but there were some hiccups with the car arrangement and I had to drive instead so well you need to tell the driver where to drive to?

We arrived at Lush Spa at around 2.30pm. It's located at the Singapore Polo Club. He has booked us the Luxe Champagne Spa which includes a vanilla milk foot bath, premium fruit seed body scrub & wrap with scalp massage, full body massage, foot massage, Decleor face spa and spa bites after. I didn't take any pictures of the massage room but here are some pictures taken before the massage. All in all, the massage was pretty good and relaxing and at some point in time, I think I almost fell asleep. The whole process took 3 hours.

The reception

Award-winning spa

Ginger tea before the massage starts

Our platter of spa chocolates and fruits

Our platter of spa bites

We opted for lychee juice instead of champagne 'coz the hub is allergic to alcohol and I had to drive

Dinner at Ikoi Japanese Restaurant. Generous serving of mixed sashimi.

2nd round of sashimi which I have ordered my favourites - salmon and swordfish

It's going to be a busy month at work. Will update with pictures of my overdue Beijing hols pictures next!
Have a good week ahead!


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