Saturday, 30 October 2010

Is it already Nov?

This year came and almost gone in the blink of an eye, just like that. It's the 2nd last day of Oct and I can almost count to the last day of Nov with all the activities happening at work and another wedding dinner to attend. The last of the 6 wedding dinners this year.

Last Sun, on one of those rare occasions I went out for brekkie with KS (he usually wakes up earlier and puts brekkie and the newspaper on the table every weekend). The first thing I do when I wake up every Sat is to flip the papers and check my advertisement to check the positioning and make sure that the colour is ok, followed by brekkie. Back to last Sun, we went to the market near QL's place for lor mee (see picture below) and I went around taking photos and experimenting with the settings on my new cam.

lor mee

Old uncle selling lanterns

Roof of the car park


You prob came across / read this at some point in your life...

Freshly roasted coffee beans

New addition to the house - the next generation all-fibre ultra-high-speed broadband network has arrived. OpenNet came and installed this so now we are just waiting to subscribe to the new service and surf at ultra high speed!!

Last weekend was all wedding dinners, one on Sat and another on Sun. Sat was S and L's wedding and I did a simple ang bao for them. Sun was G's wedding. G was my primary school friend and it was a good opportunity to catch up with friends I have not met in years at the dinner.

Earphones as wedding favour - pretty good sound quality

Pumpkin fried rice

Beautiful ceiling

Have a good weekend!!!


JT mum said...

Si there a limit to the storage for the pictures we post here? Din know about this....does that mean I have to resize all my fotos?

Kelly said...

love the very last picture! so pretty!

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

Thanks babe! :)

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