Saturday, 16 October 2010

An early Christmas pressie

The first weekend after many weeks that I finally can sit down and relax and blog. :) The simple joy of stoning or watching our all-time favourite drama - ER. I wonder who still watches ER besides us. We are at the final season of it and whenever I spoke about it among my friends, no one follows it anymore. Not religiously like us. Somehow we grew attached to the characters, after close to 15 seasons of it.

Anyway, a month back, a colleague, S, ordered a birthday cake for his wifey's 30th birthday. No real must-haves or requests and he totally left it to me to decide what goes to the cake, all he gave was a budget. He was really sweet, always knew that I wanted to start a cake business someday and decided in his own little way of supporting me by giving me my first cake order. I can't thank him enough for his faith in me and his generosity. Thanks S!

This morning I went to a wholesaler to stock up on some packaging and cake supplies. I love wholesalers like this where I can spend at least half an hour or so going up and down the aisles checking out every item. Luckily the hub has his usual DVD and electronic shops to keep him entertained while I indulge myself. :)

After that I went to Daiso for a walk, always love to check out the interesting things they have. Realised that Christmas decorations are up on the shelves. Of all the festivals in a year, Christmas is my favourite! I love the atmosphere, the wet/cold weather, the spirit of giving and sharing and the start of my self-declared annual retreat cum clearing leave period.

Ribbons!!! Took some time-off 2 Fridays ago and went to my favourite ribbon wholesaler at Arab Street. Always come out of the shop with more ribbons than I ever need in this lifetime! Every girl needs her retail therapy and this is mine! ;)

If you are wondering what the subject is all about. Well....I bought another camera...hmm ya *guilty look* yes another camera. I bought the Canon Ixus 100 last year because I needed a point-and-shoot that is small enough to carry in my bag but soon realised that it was too basic for me sooooo I bought the Lumix LX5 in white. :) Talking about cameras, my first camera was given by my sis and brother-in-law on my 21st birthday, it was a Fuji film camera. For the record, the cameras I owned/still owning are:
  1. Fuji film camera (can't remember the model anymore)
  2. Olympus mju 300
  3. Panasonic Lumix FZ7
  4. Canon 450D
  5. Canon Ixus 100
  6. Canon 7D
  7. Panasonic Lumix LX5
That's all for now. I shall leave you with a picture of little Jeston. :)


Kelly said...

oh my! I think I myself will go nuts over those x'mas decor's at Daiso!! and...

ANoThER camera!!??!?!?! what!!! LOL

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

Haha ya I never walk out of Daiso empty-handed. ;P

Yup takes better photos than PnS cams..

Kelly said...

Babe!!! guess what, guess what, guess WHAT!!!?!?!?!? After i left you this message, Daiso opened in Melbourne!!! Oh my! Daiso... HERE I COME! =D

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