Sunday, 19 September 2010

You know you are addicted to baking when...

Yesterday I attended the weddings of 2 uni friends who coincidentally got married on the same day and in the same hotel, one was a lunch or the other a dinner. I baked a wedding cake for W (xx) and M (nini). The line on the cake came from their wedding invite. :) A and I remembered the time when we went on a holiday together with xx before he got together with nini and he was looking around for sea shells at the beach to make a gift for nini. That was 8 years ago. xx has always been and will always remain as a wonderful friend of ours. Being the only one with a car during our uni days, xx has brought us to many places, shared many fun (and scary) moments together. xx and nini will be leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow, xx has found a job there and will be relocated there for a few years. Congrats xx and nini and see you soon in HK. :)




Continuation from my title... You know you are addicted to baking when you feel moody without baking for a week! Last weekend I felt the urge to bake something and I adapted the basic butter cupcakes and added chocolate chips to it and got chocolate chip cupcakes for brekkie. :)

And I have gone on a cook book spreeee...bought magazines and books. :)

Before I go, here's my new mug! A Canon lens mug. :)

Have a great week ahead!


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