Friday, 10 September 2010

We have done it

For those who have been waiting to see the creation of our cakes for the sugar paste class, here it is. :) We will start with my creation which is this 3-tier blue cake with tulip patterns which I love to bits. It takes a lot of effort to cut out the tulip pattern 1 by 1 and painstakingly stick them on 1 by 1. It takes a lot of patience as the pieces are rather delicate and thin so 1 piece may be broken into a few pieces and you have to join them back together and making sure it looks so well joined together that no one can see. :)

Every cake is different and it represents our individual's style. Each has its own unique flavour and charm. Our instructor asked at the end of the class whether we have ever imagined creating cakes like this and our answers were "no". I guess the class helps us understand the different techniques of playing with fondant and the only limitation is our imagination. I kinda am missing the Sat classes and the sticking of the tulips for my final test. Oh well, time to do something about that imaginary cake shop that I have always dream about.

Proudly holding my certificate. :)

Tracy's cake

Salimah's cake

Salimah created this cake with a story in mind. The groom is supposed to climb up to the top step-by-step and I really mean step-by-step, you can see the staircase that she has created for the groom to reach the top with the ring. :)

Ruth's cake

Love the pretty arrangement on Ruth's cake - the beautiful base with the roses, the nice tiara at the top of the cake and the butterflies!

Till the next update, happy new year to my Malay friends and to the rest, happy hols and long weekend. :)


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