Wednesday, 11 August 2010


It's only Wednesday! This supposedly short work week seems so long. Anyway, I received a little surprise after lunch today. FIVE cups of honey green tea from C & J (we don't sit in the same office)! Thanks babes! :) Haha I can't stop smiling whenever I see this picture. I have always joked with them that they must buy me honey green tea in return for the favours they have asked of me. Of course I was joking all the time! But who knows they bought not 1, not 2 but 5 cups! I was told to share the joy (sugar) with anyone I want. I gave away 3 and had 1 after lunch and another in the evening. Haa I never had so much bubble tea in a day! Thanks for putting a smile on my meetings-filled and busy day.

I used to like bubble tea a lot, especially in Uni and my friends and I will frequent the "Quickly" store at Lucky Plaza and order the pudding/tofu bubble tea but have stopped for many years since I began working. 3 years back, my ex-colleague, J started buying them for me and I got so addicted to it! :) She will buy them in the morning at the MRT station on the way to work and we can have bubble tea like at 9ish in the morning, at least twice a week! One of my fav is Koi milk tea, it is probably the only bubble milk tea I take these days and just 2 weeks ago, my ex-colleague left this on my desk after lunch.

As promised in the last post, pictures of my little nephew Jeston. He is turning 3 in a few weeks' time. How time flies!

3 things that made me smile:
  1. The 5 cups of bubble tea that I received today
  2. The wonderful colleagues around me who never fail to be so thoughtful and sweet. Be it bubble tea or the surprise dinner you guys brought back for me. (There was once I had to stay back to rush some presentation and I couldn't join them for dinner. These amazing people packed zi char and came back to office to eat out of boxes with me)
  3. The time I spent with my family last Sun at my place


Kelly (Life with a Mini)_ said...

=) simple gestures like these can brighten up a dull day. It brightened mine just reading this!

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

Yup. Especially on days when you feel really tired. :)

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