Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Happy National Day!

Sorry for the lack of posts these days. I probably asked this before - do you sometimes feel that you need 48 hours a day? Or if I only have 24, I wish I need lesser sleep. I have been feeling that I am running out of time to do so many things e.g. updating this space. I have recently moved to another job within the company, as with all new jobs there's the initial learning phase which you wish you can learn as fast as possible so that you can do or contribute more. Having dinner at 10ish in the evening has become common for the past weeks that I was looking forward to this long weekend and to the shorter work week because of the public holiday today.

Anyway today's is Singapore's National Day and without fail, every year we will sit in front of the television to catch the parade. It feels great to celebrate the country's independence and to remind ourselves to be thankful for the peace, harmony and many things we take for granted.

Last Saturday, T and attended our first sugar paste class at Bake It Yourself. We have been wanting to do this for a while but the class got cancelled once because there wasn't enough students. It takes at least 4 to start a class. It was a lot of fun playing with fondant and thinking of what to do to on our cake. We are already looking forward to the next class. Anyway, here are some photos taken at the class.

This is my creation.


Our fellow classmates'

Okie dorkie, going to turn in. Spent the weekend with the family and have taken sooo many cute photos of my nephew, shall save it for the next update.

Have a fantabulous Monday and week ahead!


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