Sunday, 29 August 2010

The 100th Post

As I was about to click on start a new post, I noticed that the last post was no. 99 which means this is my 100th post, not many by blogging standards. I recalled the time when I first started this blog with my first post about 2.5 years ago. How time flies! I hope my baking has improved over time from basic butter and chiffon cakes to chocolate and fondant cakes today. Nowhere near retail standards but I do hope one day I can sell my baking and bring smiles, joy and little surprises to people who receive or eat them. :)

Anyway last Thu I baked a small batch of butter cupcakes for my colleague's birthday. If time permits, I prefer handmade gifts for birthdays, be it cards, cakes, etc. I love receiving handmade gifts too. I am glad Lena likes them and was very touched when she saw them. That priceless look makes all the work worth it. :)

Here's my 4th lesson's creation. The cake wasn't very well covered because the aircon was turned on at home when I was covering it. New thing learned! Never cover your cakes in an aircon environment. =|

This coming week will the last and final lesson at BIY as well as the test day! We are required to do a 3-tier cake before we will be awarded our PME diploma module 1 - sugar paste technique. I am looking forward to it, seeing everyone's creation especially Salimah's! :)

Thanks for dropping by! Have a good week!


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