Sunday, 11 July 2010


The week flew by so quickly. With a couple of changes at work, I am moving on to a new role very soon with little time left to do a handover and to take over. What's more, the week didn't start well for me with a stomach flu on Monday morning which was probably due to the bbq food I had the night before. It must be the uncooked chicken wings! :(

Anyway, some overdue pictures I have taken some time back. I received a surprise parcel a week or 2 ago from Kel. I love the slippers, toiletries and card. Thanks Kel! :)

An antique camera that a colleague brought to work, not working anymore but it looks pretty cool!

Drove to nearby Johor Bahru for a seafood feast at a Kelong last Saturday. Yes I know, the seafood on Saturday and the bbq food on Sunday...too much feasting over the same weekend probably contributed to my stomach upset.

Shoes I bought at a nearby shopping centre - Aeon Bukit Indah Shopping Centre. The heels cost RM25 which is approximately SGD11.

This flats cost RM49, approximately SGD21.20.

The in-laws recently went to Hong Kong for a holiday and SIL got me these! I will definitely put them to good use. Thanks! :)

While some kueh tutu stalls have increased their prices, this stall near the in-laws remains the same at 3pcs for $1. On weekends, you will probably see a queue with each ordering at least 9pcs.

Kueh Tutu

Lastly, my latest addiction - the grape mentos! While paying for my petrol a month back, the cashier asked if I would like to get some - 3 for $2 I think and I bought them. I can finish a tube within a day! Wayyy too much sweets for someone who always has toothache. -_-


Kelly (Life with a Mini) said...

LOVE kueh tutus! I haven't had them in YEARS! Totally forgot about their existence. Tried some cola mentos the other day...Just tastes like fizzed out coke, nothing spectacular.

p/s: btw love the new stamp on your pics

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

Yup love them too! :) I can have 3-4pcs each time.

The stamp/signature used to be on my header on my previous blog layout but since this new one doesn't allow for that, I am using it here. :)

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