Sunday, 18 April 2010

Two Surprises

What better way to end the weekend than having my favourite Ben and Jerry's ice-cream and blogging at the same time. I love the mini tubs rather than the regular tub coz I can have it without having to scoop it from the tub to my cup (usually with a lot of force especially when I just took it out from the freezer) and washing the cup after. :) My favourite is Strawberry Cheesecake, what's yours?

It has been a crazy week with so many things happening at the same time that I felt breathless sometimes but the husband came back with a nice surprise that makes me forgets everything in an instant. What better place to hide a pressie than in a place you least expect it? I was going to have my shower on Friday night when I saw something 2 lovely nude-pink boxes perched on top of my towel rail. More pictures of the contents in the next update as I haven't had time to take photos.

Before I go (to continue with my UK itinerary though I am not sure whether I can still go with the current volcanic eruption and plume in the European sky), KS broke an egg into his bowl of maggie mee and saw this twin egg yolk. This is probably the first time I saw a twin egg yolk, have you?

3 things that made me smile this week:
  1. My 'lil bathroom surprise
  2. Finding a pair of scissors in a parcel that was accidentally packed in
  3. The relaxing weekend
Have a fantabulous week ahead. :)


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