Sunday, 28 March 2010

Philippines Goodies

My fifth and last birthday cake. I just had my last birthday gathering for this year yesterday at Everything with Fries at Holland Village.

Thanks A, M and S for the fantastic cheese cake from NYDC!

KS is finally back from Manila! There was a 6.2-magnitude earthquake in Manila on Thursday and he could feel the shake. Anyway, he has brought my favourite 7D dried mangoes back! :) After reading about the wonderful bread from T's, I have asked KS to bring some back for me. The Mary Grace Homemade Ensaymadas is so buttery, flavourful, soft and moist that you can't stop at one. It's one of the must-buys apart from the 7D dried mangoes that you have to try when you are in Philippines. You can keep them for up to 30 days by freezing it in an air-tight container and put it in the microwave oven for 10 seconds when you feel like having one anytime.

He also got me the Chicharon - pork skin cooked in pork oil. It's very crispy and yummy.

He got some pomelo back too, am hoping to make some mango pomelo dessert with it. I will post some pictures if I have time to make it. Okie dorkie, need to start working on my itinerary for UK. Yes I am going to UK in May, am looking forward to it. :)

3 things that made me smile today/this weekend:
  1. KS is back safe and sound from Manila
  2. He has brought back lots of my favourite 7D dried mangoes and Ensaymadas
  3. I watched a fantastic documentary on dolphins in captivity in Japan


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