Sunday, 7 March 2010


I wanted to do this post last Sun (I try to have a post once a week) but I was busy and tired. I attended a friend's birthday party at Aloha Loyang to celebrate her "21st" birthday. S is always in constant denial over how old she is and I am starting to understand why as I am approaching my birthday next week. I was telling friends how I think I am getting some mid life crisis and they all went "you are too young to be talking about mid life crisis" and totally ignored me. Ha. Oh well the lines on my hands are real and obvious. =p

Anyway KS and I decided to order in last Sat and I have been bugging him for the longest time to order pizza. He's no fan of pizza but I was craving for some. In the end, I had pizza not just for dinner but for brekkie the next day again. We ordered Canadian 1-for-1 pizza and we couldn't finish it over one meal. Not to mention, we ordered chicken wings and garlic bread too.

I have been wanting to colour my hair for sometime but have been procrastinating for quite a while. I hate sitting in the salon colouring my hair and having absolutely nothing to do for that hour or two so I decided to try this! I remember seeing this in magazines and on the shelves of Watsons and thought it seems rather easy to DIY on my hair so I tried! It wasn't just easy to use but the result was good.

I bought the BB Bold 9700 as a Christmas pressie for myself but didn't like the original black cover so I bought a PINK one and renamed my BB to PinkBerry. :)

Remember back in January I took some photos for a wedding solemnisation? I wasn't expecting to be paid for it because I am not a professional photographer and photography is more of a hobby than a job. In the end, I was given vouchers and ang bao by the bride and her mom so I decided to make this little gift for them. :) I hope they like this coffeetable book.

I am looking forward to skype-ing with Kayden tomorrow. I haven't seen my dear godson since I came back in December last year. Most probably heading to the office to do some work.

Have a great week ahead. :)


Ah Mak said...

Hey the pink berry looks fab! where did you go to get it done?

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

Thanks babe. It's from :)

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