Sunday, 25 May 2008

Hazelnut & Cinnamon Biscotti

I just checked the last time I baked from my last was almost 2.5 months ago! Hmm...I have not given up on baking nor am I throwing away all my baking equipment. I was taking a break from the desire to whip up something. I have been travelling, went to US for my honeymoon for 2 weeks in April and then to Paris for work just last week. I have been curbing my inner calling to bake something.

Still suffering from jet lag since arriving back home on Fri morning, I pulled myself together and went to book a cooking class which I have been wanting to join for a long time on Sat afternoon and well..also to master the technique to make macarons which I have tried in vain to make the last time.

After the class, I was extremely inspired by Joycelyn our instructor and the desire to bake something was even stronger. =) I headed to Phoon Huat which is just few doors away from Shermay's and bought my ingredients. I baked some molten chocolate cake and brought to Winnie's place for everyone and yes biscotti from one of the recipes I got yesterday. It was relatively easy compared to the macarons' which I intend to experiment next week. =p

And...I must say it's really nice to be back to baking again =) The feeling is awesome!


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