Sunday, 24 February 2013

The past month in squares

Well almost..I'm referring to my post title. Having been extremely busy with house moving and many events at work, I haven't been writing nor taking many pictures. Most pictures are spur-of-the-moment pictures on my Instagram, therefore the post title. :)

Haha for those who move house frequently, I salute you! Either that or I have way too many things. Having stayed in the new place for 3 weeks, I still have packed boxes yet to be organised into the cupboards. Mostly my craft items and some books. The rest of the areas like kitchen and toiletries are sorted. Packing and unpacking are both back-breaking tasks! And finally we have hot water in the house after 3 weeks. Due to CNY, we were unable to get the gas pipes boxed up in the false ceiling and gas activated so we have been showering in icy cold water. First world problem I say 'coz we have been too used to hot water. There are still bits of carpentry work to be fixed but most parts of the house are done.

Today is one of the those days I wanted to just do nothing and relax and close one eye to the boxes. :P Therefore am sitting here writing and blog surfing. Sometimes it feels great to just do nothing and spend some "me time". :) Hope you are spending some "me time" too. Have a lovely week ahead!

The dining area with one of my favourite shots of Melbourne printed and mounted to add colours to the white theme.

My collection of Vodka bottles over the years.

And my Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses. Mostly of countries I have been to while a couple were given to me by friends who know I collect them.

My tea box that I bought from Melbourne in the last trip. One of my favourite teas that doesn't fit in the box is TWG's Grand Wedding tea.

A CNY jelly that was served at one of the Chinese restaurants I had lo-hei at and I thought it was very apt for V-Day so I took a random shot. :)

Elderflower cupcake at Ikea. $1.50 each. Very yummy!

Crayfish Ba Chor Mee.

My new impulse purchase new kicks.


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