Sunday, 30 October 2011

Brand Loyal

I took these photos sometime back and only found some time to post them today because I am on leave tomorrow! Have to clear my remaining annual leave before the end of the year. I am pretty brand loyal when it comes to skincare products, like what they say "don't fix it unless it's broken". :) I have dry skin and it gets worse when I travel to cold climate countries. =| I will start applying thick cream moisturiser 2 weeks before I travel, if not the itchy scratchy skin will kill me when I am on hols!

I started using Biotherm Aquasource since it was first introduced years ago (I can't remember exactly when) and have since used jars and jars that I have lost count. I like the gel version that's light and I can use it beneath my loose powder / before my make-up.

Needless to mention, I have mentioned here before that I have been using Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil and tens of bottles later I am still using it. :) It helps to remove my make-up at the end of the day, leaving my skin completely cleansed.

Light and easy to apply, the leave-in mask - Laneige Water Sleeping Pack - leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised the next morning.

Been using variations of this for some 10 years, variations because the previous lines were discontinued and I have to use the new line before it becomes discontinued and the process starts again... Prices have been going up over the years and besides the fact that I am reluctant to try a cheaper alternative is because it stays on for the entire day (and I am talking about sometimes 10 hours work day) without needing any touch-up. Not to mention I don't bring a cosmetic bag around. :)

Lastly my blusher, been using this for years and looking at the picture, time to replenish soon! A little secret about my brush below, I have been using it since I started working and have never wash it once. =| I don't think I can ever find it anymore. It comes with a cap that's easy to store and bring around. :(


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