Monday, 20 June 2011

Pink Overload

If you have carried my handbag before, you must be wondering why it's soooo heavy, some say it weighs at least a few kilos and though I have never weighed it before but I believe so too. Haha and I like to think that I carry the most essentials (or at least in my opinion). =P Here's a snapshot of what's in my bag if anyone is interested to know that is. Hehe and I think the first thing you will notice is "It's sooo pink". It was never meant that way, I am not one who goes for matching everything but it just happens that I bought these things at different occasions and no doubt I like pink so... ;) The bag always feels like it weighs a tonne! Not to mention I still have a bag organiser which a colleague got for me from Taiwan and a handbag that's quite heavyy too.

The bestie and godson took off 2 Sundays ago. The 'lil boy somehow sensed that something's happening and was not quite himself during the day. He didn't laugh like he did during his last shower in grandma's, clung on to mommy and later daddy so tightly and refused to let go. Only when I took out the iPad till he let loose a little. We all miss him so much. His smile and laughters...shall visit soon!

Jeston came over last weekend and had a great time playing wii with the hub till he doesn't want to go home! The hub's like his best friend!

Jeston's favourite character in the Super Mario Kart game. Luigi. Haha he likes everything green!

Had so much fun with the app in my iPad that churns out photos like this! Love the randomness of the app and the many fun photos I get!

Have a good week! =D


Alice said...

What bag are you using now ah? Im lookin for a bag that can fit A4 size. ^_^

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

Hehe I swap bags from time to time now that I have a bag organiser. ;)
I will fb you some websites that have nice bags :)

Alice said...

Thanks! I saw it. My Facebook message is always v problematic cannot reply. Hehe

Kelly said...

What do u mean heavy? your bag weighs a TON!!!!

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