Sunday, 5 June 2011

I am addicted to...

Gong Cha! My favourite Gong Cha is Alisan Milk Tea with White Pearl Jelly. Yum! Had that twice in a week last week with the crazy peeps from work who like Gong Cha too! :)

It's that time of the year again. Rice dumpling! My grandmas used to make them when I was young and due to old age, they have both stopped making them already. It's one of those traditions at home that unfortunately wasn't passed on. These days, none of my uncles/aunties know how to make them (my mom included) and we have to eat those we buy off the racks. Fortunately for me, my colleague's mom still makes them and I get to eat home-made rice dumplings!

A colleague who just gave birth came by and dropped off these cute 'lil cupcakes and they reminded me that I haven't baked in a longggg while. Recently I had to throw some expired butter away. Can you believe it? Sigh...the only time I threw butter away was when the power supply tripped when I was away on holiday and everything (well almost) in the fridge had to be chucked.

As promised, before I go, I am leaving you with some really adorable and likely will bring a smile to your face pictures of my 'lil boy - K.

K: "Why must I wear this?"

I love how tickled he looked! ;)


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