Monday, 14 February 2011

I am back

If you have been reading my tweets, I was off to UK and Italy last week and just got back today. It was a work trip followed by a few leisure days in Italy. It was a dream came true for me as I have always wanted to visit the charming and romantic city of Rome with its beautiful architecture. I will be back with more peektures later on. Here's some from CNY before I left.

What's CNY without bak kwa, well at least for me. My fav is Jin Ping Xiang with 2 outlets in Singapore, one at Pearl Centre and the other at Kembangan. No CNY hikes in prices. 1kg for $40 and it's super delicious, soft and tender.

My 'lil godson Kayden

Kayden wii-ing

I bought some beads with instructions on how to make the bag below but it was too complex for me to make sense of it. So I got a colleague who is super good at this to string it together for me! It's beautifully done isn't it?

Be back soon. Happy Valentine's Day. Have a good week!


Kelly said...

LOL! He looks so scary in that first pic!!!

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