Sunday, 6 June 2010

Chocolate Velvet Cake

It has been a while since I last baked and my KitchenAid Mixer is sitting in my kitchen collecting dust. While shopping at the supermarket this afternoon, I picked up The Australian Women's Weekly Easy Baking and randomly selected a recipe to try. With the book in hand, I went to find the ingredients. I had 6 blocks of butter in my fridge before I left for UK but had none when I came back because there was power failure at my place when I was away and it had to be thrown away. :(

Anyway I saw the KitchenAid mixer in my favourite fuchsia pink in UK and it's this season's colour!! Hmm...I would have bought this colour if it was available when I got mine. :|

Anyway, here's the chocolate velvet cake which was pretty easy to do. It's nice to be baking again! :)

Have a great week ahead!


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