Friday, 25 June 2010

Chocolate Mud Cake

It's Thursday and TGIF tomorrow! I had a craving for some sushi after badminton today and everyone had dinner plans so I got home and dragged KS to the nearest Sakae Sushi near my place and had sushi, chawamushi, fried tofu and salmon sashimi! :) Did I mention before my favourite cuisine is Japanese?

Anyway, I came across this recipe last week and oh my it looked so yummy that I had to try baking it. I went to Sun Lik and bought a block of 1kg Valrhona chocolate and some unsalted butter. I attempted to try another step-by-step guide to making the cake but was too busy trying to prevent my chocolate from burning that I completely forgot about taking photos! Oh well, one is better than nothing. ;)

Here's the finished product.

Last week I came home with a little gift (flowers not included) slipped under my door. The delivery man came when I wasn't around. Thanks Kel for the birthday present - a much needed and can't-wait-to-use-it massage!

Well, I am not exactly a World Cup widow coz I do enjoy some of the matches but the husband is bringing the house down with his screaming GOAALLLLL and sometimes shouting to me to quickly come watch the replay of this excellent goal. I think the whole neighbourhood can hear him! =| In preparation of the upcoming gatherings at my place to watch the remaining matches, he bought so much snacks and drinks.

3 things that made me smile:
  1. The wonderful get-together dinner with KS and family at No Signboard Seafood at Esplanade. Thanks A for the treat. It's really nice to get together for quality family time with everyone amid our busy schedules.
  2. The Polaroids taken with A's Fuji Instax Mini 25. Love the vintage feel of the photos. It has been a while since I have last taken photos with an instant camera and it's so much fun that I feel like getting one too!
  3. To have the time to start my weekly baking routine again. I think I am going to make pandan cake this weekend. :)
Have a great weekend!


Kelly said...

that cake looks absolutely delish! I could reach right into the monitor and grab a piece! Yes, I am sure you could do with a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the massage! And like you, I am no world cup widow either! I join in (even the 4.30am matches) to catch some action on the field.

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