Sunday, 27 December 2009


I hope you have had a great hols so far! Time flies, it was as though we just gathered for Christmas party last year and before we know it, it came and went again. Well, the most memorable thing this Christmas party has to be the 3.5kg turkey that we struggled to finish among other things such as pork ribs (2kg), pasta, meatballs, bacon with asparagus, beef with mushroom, nachos, croquettes, shepherd's pie, mashed potato and a log cake.

After much effort, we only managed to eat 20% of the turkey. I had to bring the turkey for the next Christmas gathering the following day. The rest...hmm..I conveniently left it at my friend's place and suggested that the family can do sandwich, porridge, fry with veggies, etc. with it. ;p

Here's the bacon with asparagus and beef with
enokitake mushroom that I brought over for the party. They are really easy to prepare and eat at a party.

I am on leave next week and going back to work for 1/2 day on 31 Dec and back to work again on 4 Jan! That leaves me lots of time to do some spring cleaning (yes, I have been buying and buying from clothes to ribbons to fabric to more cookie cutters), crafting and baking!

Merry Christmas and a fantabulous 2010 ahead! =)


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