Saturday, 8 October 2011

An Apple in Every Home

Thank God the week came and gone so quickly and the hub is almost back! He has gone to Houston for work and the house is so quiet without him especially on a weekend. Last weekend before he left I was sick and stayed at home the entire weekend. I think it's nature's way of telling one to slow down and forcing you to take a break. It has been busy at work but I am enjoying every moment of it with the new product launches! :)

Dinner the hub got last Saturday. I would have enjoyed it normally but I couldn't taste a thing because I was having a running nose. :(

My fav salmon sashimi!

Thank God also for wonderful in-laws! My in-laws came last Sunday with porridge for my brunch and chicken rice for dinner because the hub was away and I am alone and sick. Thanks Mom and Dad! :)

I went to Riders Cafe for a site recee and had lunch there. The death by chocolate cake is to die for, well at least for me! :D

This week marks the death of one of the greatest inventors and legend of our era. Someone who left a piece of his work in almost every home. Over the years I have bought / received one of these (in order of when I have them):

  1. iPod (5th generation)
  2. iPod Shuffle
  3. iPod Touch
  4. MacBook Pro
  5. iMac
  6. iPad 2

RIP Steve Jobs.


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