Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hong Kong

The order of the postings/photos is a little wrong, I went to HK first before the company retreat but here are some of the photos anyway. The hub and I didn't exactly plan for the trip, just decided where we want to go maybe a few days before our hols. We wanted it to be a relaxing hols with shopping and food and yes we did! We enjoyed it because it was a no-rush hols and for me, not much planning required!

Po Luo Bao

Curry Fish Balls

What's a trip to HK without Dim Sum?

Roasted Goose at Yung Kee Restaurant 鏞記

Beautiful Ceiling at Wynn Macau

Gelato at MGM Macau

Angry Birds Pens

Yes still another post with no cake or crafts :( Am guilty of that lazy bone to get some flour and sugar together. While spring cleaning the fridge, I threw away some blocks of butter because they have expired (imagine me doing that, it seldom happens) and I haven't gone spring cleaning the cupboards, won't be surprised if there are some expired stuff to throw. With all the recent travels and working late and catching up with friends, some of whom I have not seen in a while, I really didn't have time for these things, some days I just want to watch a show, read my iPad on the bed or simply doing nothing. Haha the last time I worked my KitchenAid and oven was probably more than 6 months ago! :( Will have to break that record soon.

Have a good week ahead!


Kelly said...

no rush hols? that's rare isn't it?

Roasted goose: When the boys went to HK, they all ordered goose drumsticks, but everyone only wanted the left leg! Can u guess why? LOL

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

Hehe yup nowadays most of e hols we have are like that...mostly driving hols :)

Haha because the right leg is used for something unpleasant?

Kelly said...

LOL. No, its not unpleasant. Assuming that most chicken are right handed like us, they would have used their right foot more to forage for food in the dirt. Hence, more muscular. So they THINK that the left leg is more tender. HAHAHA. =p

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

Haha trust them to come up with something like this!

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