Monday, 20 December 2010

S for ...

Some 2 weeks ago, I got into a small accident with my car, I reversed into a metal railing in a multi-storey carpark. The railing is one of those that is very protruding and you most likely will hit it before your tyres reach the curb especially if you are driving an SUV. I parked in a single lot where I have to reverse enough before I can open the driver's door and get out. So this was what happened...the rear windscreen was shattered. :(

On a lighter note, as I stopped at a traffic junction in Orchard Road about 2 weeks ago, I took out the camera and quickly snapped a few shots of the Christmas lights this year. This used to be an annual affair with K but has since stopped when she left for Melb. =|

Had lunch with S, M and 'lil Leo last Sat who stopped over in Singapore for a day on the way from Melb to Paris. Their little cutie pie is only 8 months old and has large beautiful eyes. :)

Baby Leo

I'm so addicted to this! I think it's natural and sugar-free. Got it at Shell at a promotional price - 2 for $3. =D

I am clearing my leave from now till end of the year with the exception of Christmas eve. I love the break - time to rest, catch up with friends and family, do some baking, sewing and simply sleep in. What are you doing this Christmas?

Will be back soon! =)


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