Sunday, 17 January 2010

Nude is the New Black

At least for me! I am obsessed with nude colour, from shoes to clothes to bags... As I was taking photos of my shoes last weekend, I started realising that I have 6 pairs of nude shoes from heels to slip-ons to flats and I just bought another pair of nude suede flats online that don't quite fit me. I used to tell KS that the reason why I have so many pairs of shoes was because I need different shoes to match different outfit but with so many pairs of the same colour, I think he will start questioning the truth of it.. =|

Anyway the reason for taking these pictures is because I want to label my shoes boxes with pictures of my shoes. More often than not, I start forgetting that I have some shoes and end up wearing the same shoes day in day out.

Enough about the shoes, I am sure by now you realise that I have changed the skin of my blog. I was getting a 'lil tired of the old look and wanted a change so here it is. New year new look. =)

Before I go, I thought I will leave you with a picture of A's 30th birthday cake with not 3 big candles but 30 small candles to mark the transition to the next phase of her life... Happy Birthday A! =)

I am looking forward to the new week. My help is coming in tomorrow, a company gathering on Fri and KS' couz' solemnisation on Sat. Have a great week ahead!


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