Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New Toy

I bought this baby at Courts last Sun at $199. I wasn't intending to get the sewing machine that day but I was browsing for one after seeing all the pretty cloth from Amy Butler and all the new stuff made from her delicious fabric. I was inspired!

A little background on me and sewing machine. The first time I landed my hands on a sewing machine was when I was 13 during a Home Economics class. I walked out of the first class with an extremely upset teacher who couldn't understand how I have spoiled the sewing machine. She spent lots of time trying to remove all the thread. Eversince, I have sewed a tissue holder, bib, pants and draw-string bag - all for homework. Well, the last time I touched a sewing machine was probably when I was 14 for my last Home Economics class.

I never thought I will pick up a sewing machine again but am glad that I did! Apart from the many steps involved in trying to setup the sewing machine, I can't explain the joy in sewing something from scratch and seeing the end product.


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